Global Maps Coverage

The Global Maps Coverage page shows you our worldwide maps coverage. Check out the interactive maps and view any the maps online. Note: Business campus maps are only visible to authorized users. Please make sure you are logged in to your account to view private maps. 

The tool gives you: 

  • Global and local views of our maps coverage
  • Quickly search for a place or neighborhood 
  • Click on any place pin and view the indoor map. 

Radius Search (Coming Soon) 

Are you looking for maps in a specific geography or area? Use the Radius Search tool to download a csv file with a list of all the venues in a specific boundary. 

The tool gives you: 

  • Control a specific region or area and download the list of maps 
  • Setup multiple areas (for example, download the list of maps in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Tokyo) 

Map Editor 

Does the map need an update? Visit the online map editor and submit change requests to any map. To access the tool, visit where (CID) is the ID for your venue. 

The tool gives you: 

  • The ability to change point-of-interest names and addresses
  • Merge, split, and delete objects on the map. 

For more details on how to use the tool, please refer to the user guide from here

API Status

For developers, monitor the latest reports on our products and platform uptime. Micello runs on AWS and we do our best to keep you updated on changes and new deployments. We use email to stay in regular touch. Please make sure you have an account with us on Check out API Status page here

The tool gives you: 

  • Real-time insight into the API Status for the Maps SDK, our Data APIs and our MFS (backend systems). 

Interactive Map Tool

For developers, the interactive map tool is very helpful. Think of it as "Firebug for maps". The interactive map tool will provide you all the technical details for a selected map.

The tool gives you: 

  • All the technical details of a map
  • view all the map details and object IDs 

Maps Embed Tool

Would you like to add a map to your website, for free, in 10 seconds? Try out the Maps Embed Tool. Select any map from our global database and embed it within your website. It is just like adding a YouTube video. 

The tool gives you: 

  • Free access to all of our public maps
  • Easy embed code for your website or mobile app.