Context API


The Micello Context API is a global reverse geocoding platform. Send in a point (latitude, longitude) and the Context API will return detailed contextual information about that location. For example, the API will tell you if the LatLong is inside a building, inside a store, the nearest stores or other points of interest and more! 

Getting Started

It's super simple to get started.

  1. Create an account on or log into your existing account.
  2. Activate your API key by enabling access to the Context API.

API Documentation

Here is the latest documentation on description of API request, response structure and field descriptions.


  • Hit check: Answers the question "what's here?" and displays information about the location.
  • Radial search:  Answers the question "what is around here?" within a specified distance.  
  • Occupants details: Provides the details of occupants around given location.
  • POI search: Provide details of the specific point of interest within a given distance.


Currently, the Context API returns results from 1,100 venues including the top 1,000 Malls and top 100 Airports in the U.S. To see a complete list of venues click here. New venues are added to the system on regular basis. If you would like to request a new venue click here.


What if the latitude and longitude are not contained within a Micello map?

The response will contain following key-value pair

"message": "No match found."

Can multiple query parameters be used in one HTTP request?

Yes! Multiple query parameters can be specified in a request. Depending on the query parameters the response will convey different messages. For example, if the radius is not specified and geometry_type is specified then the response will contain data only if the given point is contained within the specified geometry_type. 

What are the common status/error codes?

Sometimes the API may not work as expected. Here you will find the most common issues and error codes. If you need immediate assistance, please contact your Micello account manager or email

Status Code 400

The HTTP Status Code 400 indicates a bad request. The HTTP request contains incorrect query parameters. One can refer the documentation page for valid range and data type of query parameters.

Status Code 401

The HTTP Status Code 401 indicates "not authorized". Your application is sending a request to the Micello server. However, the API key does not have credentials to access the content. Please visit your account page and make sure that you have selected Context API to your API Key. If it still does not work, please verify in your code that you are using the correct API Key also try to clear the browser/application cache and reload the URL. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us. 

Status Code 500

HTTP Status code 500 along with the status message "This key does not exist" indicates usage of non-existent API key, please verify in your code that you are using the correct API Key. 
For other status messages, the status code 500 indicates server error. Please try to clear the browser/application cache and reload the URL. If the problem persists, contact Micello support at with the sample code that would allow us to replicate the problem.