• Access over 15,000 indoor venue maps throughout the world
Looking for a new company to get excited about? Look no further than mobile mapping startup, Micello. Their new mapping solution is basically "Google Maps for the indoors."
The idea behind Micello is simple: Google Maps is great for helping route cars places, but when it comes to navigating a large area with many points of interest by foot, it can fall short. So Micello offers a much more detailed perspective, outlining the stores that are in your vicinity. It works as you’d expect, with a look that’s similar to the maps you find inside of shopping malls.
Micello’s crown jewel is a collection of indoor maps on interesting POI’s. These maps can be displayed and rendered on any connected device.
Micello, which just launched at DEMO this morning, is one of the neatest iPhone mapping applications we’ve seen — it’s Google Maps for buildings, and it’s tackling the detailed interior mapping of universities, convention centers, college campuses, shopping malls, and indoor places.